CSE Undergrad Thesis B Showcase Day

The following students are demonstrating their outstanding work on Thursday 27th October in the CSE Seminar Room at 4:30pm

Student/s Topic Title
William James ARCHINAL Game tree learning enhancements for multi-player chess
UNSW Course Advisor
Scott Ross BRISBANE Decentralizing big data processing
Nicholas Alexander BARNETT Application Analysis for Designing Embedded Hardware
Jayden David TILBROOK Indoor Mapping and Localisation with Google Tango
Florencia IRENA Fully Homomorphic Cryptographic Processor Design and Implementation
Troy Adrien LENGER iPhone Application Development
Matthew James MCEWEN Design of a single logical qubit device towards a scalable quantum computer
Attawit KITTIKRAIRIT Indoor context tracking with WiFi
Nicholas Ding Jin HO Telehealth architecture for Android platform using HTML5
Jessica Wei Ran AI Adaptive E-learning
Stephanie Rebecca MCARTHUR Autonomous Couch