CSE Undergrad Thesis B Showcase Day

The following students are demonstrating their outstanding work on Thursday 29th October from 5pm to 6:30pm (K17, level 1)

Student/s Topic Title
Sven TOPP Revision, Review and Initial Testing of a Haptic Communication Device for People who are Deafblind
Vincent Chi-Kit WONG
Christopher MANOUVRIER
Intelligent Indoor Localisation and Navigation with Smart Glass
Steven BASKIN Robots for Urban Search and Rescue
Wen Di LIM
Theodora Hei Ting TSE
Modelling and Manipulating Genealogical Data
Kuruppu Arachchige Navin Shamendra GUNATILLAKA Leaderless Byzantine Paxos
Jiashu CHEN Solving General Single-Player Games with Constraint Programming
Richard ZHANG
Geoffrey Wen Jie ZHU
Managing Your Social Network Profile
Julius Arden TIO
Development of SIMO Transportation app for BVI
Pavan Hemantha RAJU Controlling a mobile robot using speech
Albert Hua-Ku WANG
CareerFlare - A Career and Course Recommender System
Shu Lun Shannon KWAN Decoding the language of life: epigenomic determinants for cell-type-specific signalling response
Alexis Theophilus Enoc SHAW Cluster Editing with Splitting Vertices
Cheng ZHANG RNA-seq with different read length
Rohit RAMU Weight Build-Up & LOPA Sketch-Up Optimization Tool
Richard Zhong Hao WANG Making the TPM useful
Ahsan Antazur RAHMAN A New Handbook for UNSW
Edward Jay LEE Separator branching for graph coloring
Luke Thomas SOLOMON Road traffic estimation via wireless communication
Thai San PHAN Information flow analysis for Android applications
Hamish Miles DURKIN Robust Recommender Systems