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Name Role Office Extension
Yvonne Balakian Manager, CSE Finance Office & OHS Manager & First Aid Officer (currently on leave)
Joanne Curro Administrative Assistant to Head of School (currently on leave)
Brad Hall Development Office Manager (currently on leave)
Albert Nymeyer Visiting Associate Professor
Tresne Chesher Admin Assistant
Hesam Ziaei PhD Student
Marc Yu-San Chee PhD Student (currently on leave)
Zelin Li PhD Student
Kerstin Vintila Student Administrative Officer (currently on leave)
Hector Levesque Professor
James Delgrande Professor
Babak Saghaie PhD Student (currently on leave)
Adrian Brian Ratter PhD Student
Lingxiao Zhou PhD Student
Henry Zhong PhD Student
Basnayake Mudiyanselage Thamali Lekamge PhD Student
Lu Shawn Xiao Masters by Research
Nipa Chowdhury PhD Student
Xiaoyang Wang Research Associate
Alexander Legg PhD Student
Yanyan Shen PhD Student
Marzieh Jalal Abadi PhD Student
Mojgan Ghanavati PhD Student
Wei Song Masters by Research
Thomas Sewell PhD Student
Daniel Matichuk PhD Student
Manjula Pilaka PhD Student
Milou Van Oostrum Senior Administrative Officer (currently on leave)
Wei Sun Conjoint Lecturer Data61
Alexander Hadjiivanov PhD Student (currently on leave)
Christine Rizkallah Conjoint Lecturer Data61
Christian Guttman Visiting Lecturer
Luca Parlamento PhD Student
Bowen Zhou Masters by Research
Kanchana Thilakarathna Conjoint Lecturer Data61
Joao Leite Visiting Professor
Bin Li Data61
Suranga Seneviratne Data61
Zhaohong Sun PhD Student
Simonne Mautner Casual Academic
Pradeep Kumar Soundrapandian PhD Student
Surya Nepal Conjoint Associate Professor Data61
Sankaran Iyer PhD Student
Annette Spooner PhD Student
Senthil Yuvaraj PhD Student
Hira Taqdees Syeda PhD Student
David Muchlinski Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Christopher Hall Masters by Research
Fang Chen Professor Data61 Conjoint ATP Australian Technology Park 93762101
Liming Zhu Senior Lecturer Data61 Conjoint ATP Australian Technology Park 94905638
Anna Liu Associate Professor Data61 Conjoint ATP Australian Technology Park 93762184
Syed Arshad PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Chenxiao Dou PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Hugh Durrant-Whyte Professor Data61 Conjoint ATP Australian Technology Park
Peng Lin PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Suhrid Raj Satyal PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Marjan Moradi PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Huijun Wu PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Rajitha Madhushan Ranasinghe Yasaweerasinghelage PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Sung Une Lee PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Tiberio Caetano Associate Professor Data61 Conjoint Australian Technology Park 0401388128
Changming Sun Conjoint Associate Professor Data61 CSIRO Data61, Marsfield
Robert Sison PhD Student Data61
Ahmad El-Shoghri PhD Student Data61
Daniel Moses PhD Student Department of Radiology, Prince of Wales Hospital 93820315
Bernhard Hengst Senior Research Associate (Level B) J17 510K
Claude Sammut Professor & Research Committee Chair & Deputy Head of School (Research) J17 510 A 56932
David Rajaratnam Senior Research Associate J17 510 K
Alexander Long PhD Student J17 510-01
Colm Flanagan Masters by Research J17 510-02
Orly Natan PhD Student J17 510-03
German Javier Castro Donoso PhD Student J17 510-04
Armin Chitizadeh PhD Student J17 510-09
Ethan Jones PhD Student J17 510-24
Handy Wicaksono PhD Student J17 510-26
Cameron Stewart PhD Student J17 510-29
Joel Mason PhD Student J17 510-30
Michael Schofield PhD Student J17 510-31
Christoph Schwering Research Associate J17 510J
Michael James Gratton Research Associate (currently on leave) J17 510J
Timothy Wiley Research Associate & Post-Doc Fellow & PhD Student J17 510L 51607
Sean Harris PhD Student J17510-32
Anna Piorkowska Administration Finance Officer K17 104-02 56889
Maurice Pagnucco Professor & Head of School K17 104A 55518
Emma Proud School Manager K17 104b 54539
Joanne Hale School Manager K17 104B 54539
Brenda Ford Development Coordinator K17 105A 57383
Helena Scimone Development Office Manager K17 105B 56625
Selena Griffith Senior Lecturer K17 106 56604
Craig Howie IT Manager K17 111B 55359
Samar Saliba Admin Assistant K17 111D
Karen Corrigan Administration Finance Officer K17 111D-01 56842
Philip O'donnell Procurement and Assets Officer K17 111D-02 55138
Fatima (Maria) Portada Administrative Officer K17 111D-03 56920
Tanya Oshuiko Facilities Officer K17 111D-06 57744
Meicheng Whale Computing Support Officer K17 111E-01 54042
Zain Rahmat Computing Support Officer K17 111E-02 54757
Simon Garrod Computing Support Officer K17 111E-04 55609
Jean-Baptiste Cattley Computing Support Officer K17 111F-01 54758
Yuming Gao Computing Support Officer K17 111F-02 54910
Philip Rodwell Computing Support Officer K17 111F-03 55522
Robert Doran Computing Support Officer K17 111F-04 54145
Peter Linich Computing Support Officer K17 111G-04 55526
Shenlu Wang PhD Student K17 201-01 55637
Xuefeng Chen PhD Student K17 201-02 55637
Elaheh Shafieibavani PhD Student K17 201-03 55637
Mohammad Ebrahimi PhD Student K17 201-04 55637
Maryam Ghafouri PhD Student K17 201-05 56863
Shayan Zamanirad PhD Student K17 201-06 56863
Kirtana Darabal Masters by Research K17 201-07 56863
Longbin Lai PhD Student K17 201-08 56863
Shiyu Yang Research Associate K17 201-09 56206
Xubo Wang PhD Student K17 201-10 56206
Fei Bi PhD Student K17 201-11 56206
Jiahui Yang Masters by Research K17 201-12 56206
Sara Mumtaz PhD Student K17 201-13 57708
Yang Yang PhD Student K17 201-14 57708
Bandar Alqahtani PhD Student K17 201-17 57708
Chen Zhang PhD Student K17 201-18 57708
Long Yuan PhD Student K17 201-20 56861
Jianye Yang PhD Student K17 201-21 56861
Xiang Wang PhD Student K17 201-22 55539
Wei Li PhD Student K17 201-23 55539
Xing Feng PhD Student K17 201-24 55539
Asso Hamzehei PhD Student K17 201-25 56861
Haida Zhang PhD Student K17 201-26 56861
Boge Liu PhD Student K17 201-27 57161
John Sun Research Assistant K17 201-29 57161
Ying Zhang Adjunct Senior Lecturer K17 201A 54897
Angela Finlayson Lecturer K17 201C 54025
Xin Cao Lecturer K17 201D 55317
Lijun Chang ARC DECRA Fellow K17 201E 56012
Yifang Sun Research Associate K17 208 54334
Haojun Ma Research Associate K17 208 54334
Xiaoye Miao Visiting Research Associate K17 208 54334
Richard Buckland Professor K17 210 54063
Fabio Casati Visiting Professor K17 212 56875
Raymond Wong Associate Professor K17 213 55932
Carlos Rodriguez Senior Research Associate K17 216 54535
Zongyang Ma Research Fellow K17 217-02 56862
Vidyalakshmi Vidyalakshmi PhD Student K17 217-03 59817
Peizhi Shao PhD Student K17 217-04 59777
Alireza Tabebordbar PhD Student K17 217-05 56860
Clinton Mead Research Assistant K17 217-06 58825
Chunguang Li Visiting Lecturer K17 217-07 58824
Shifeng Liu PhD Student K17 217-09 59439
Xiongcai Cai Adjunct Senior Lecturer K17 217-10 58858
Kai Wang PhD Student K17 217-11 58889
You Peng PhD Student K17 217-12 58823
Muhammad Asif Ali PhD Student K17 217-13 58822
Haojie Huang PhD Student K17 217-14 58836
Jiuming Lu PhD Student K17 217-15 58578
Shaobo Dang PhD Student K17 217-16 58837
Mohammad Ali Yaghoub Zadeh Fard PhD Student K17 217-17 58836
Shenwei Huang Research Associate K17 217B 56553
Kai Engelhardt Senior Lecturer K17 217C 54497
Lingkan Gong Post-Doc Fellow K17 217D 57738
Ganghee Lee Post-Doc Fellow K17 217D 57738
Jianbin Qin Research Associate K17 217E 57738
Zishuo Ding PhD Student K17 217E 57738
Yukai Miao Research Assistant K17 217E 57738
Ron Van Der Meyden Professor K17 217F 56922
Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti Senior Research Associate K17 217G 54034
Zengfeng Huang Research Fellow K17 217H 54019
Peter Chubb Senior Lecturer Data61 Conjoint K17 301
Kevin Elphinstone Associate Professor K17 301
Gerwin Klein Associate Professor Data61 Conjoint K17 301
Ihor Kuz Senior Lecturer Data61 Conjoint K17 301
Carroll Morgan Professor K17 301
Rob Van Glabbeek Professor Data61 Conjoint K17 301
Trevor Lee Mcdonell Research Associate K17 301
June Andronick Conjoint Associate Professor & Principal Researcher in Data61 K17 301
Paul Andrew Chircop PhD Student K17 301
Toby Murray Conjoint Lecturer Data61 K17 301
Zilin Chen PhD Student K17 301
Peter Hoefner Conjoint Senior Lecturer Data61 K17 301G
Seyed Mohammad Reza Nouri Research Associate K17 303 55628
Toby Walsh Data61 Chair in Artificial Intelligence & Professor K17 311
Jing Ke PhD Student K17 401-01 56909
Ali Behnaz PhD Student K17 401-02 56909
Chaoran Huang PhD Student K17 401-03 56909
Jin Zhang PhD Student K17 401-04 56909
Wanli Xue PhD Student K17 401-06 56909
Hamdan Awan PhD Student K17 401-07 56908
Yongtuo Zhang PhD Student K17 401-08 56908
Weitao Xu Exchange Student K17 401-09 56908
Sayed Amir Hoseini PhD Student K17 401-10 56908
Ali Dorri PhD Student K17 401-11 56908
Qi Lin PhD Student K17 401-12 56908
Azade Fotouhi PhD Student K17 401-13 56907
Syed Wajid Ali Shah PhD Student K17 401-14 56907
Dong Ma PhD Student K17 401-15 56907
Farhad Amouzgar Masters by Research K17 401-16 56907
Madhushi Bandara PhD Student K17 401-17 56907
Abdelwahed Ibrahim Khamiss PhD Student K17 401-18 56907
Xiaodong Ning PhD Student K17 401-19 56914
Xiang Zhang PhD Student K17 401-20 56914
Najmul Hassan PhD Student K17 401-21 56914
Nada Alasbali PhD Student K17 401-22 56914
Heather Weltman Masters by Research K17 401-23 56914
Samad Saadatmand Feyzrasa PhD Student K17 401-24 56914
Teuku Aulia Geumpana PhD Student K17 401-25 56913
Shuai Zhang PhD Student K17 401-26 56913
Islam Al-Qudah PhD Student K17 401-27 56913
Khanh Duc Hoang Le PhD Student K17 401-28 56913
Wei Liang Visiting Fellow K17 401-28 56913
Mortada Al-Banna PhD Student K17 401-29 56913
Sandeep Kaur PhD Student K17 401-30 56913
George Eskander Ajam PhD Student K17 401-31 56913
Elham Kariri PhD Student K17 401-32 56913
Pengjie Ye Research Associate K17 401-34 56914
Guohao Lan PhD Student K17 401-35 56914
Helen Hye-Young Paik UG Thesis Coordinator & Senior Lecturer K17 401A 54095
Nadine Marcus Senior Lecturer K17 401B 55173
Bruno Gaeta Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Bioinformatics K17 401C 57213
Bradford Heap Research Associate K17 401D 56929
Alfred Krzywicki Research Fellow K17 401E 56993
Wayne Wobcke Associate Professor K17 401F 56475
Andrew Taylor Senior Lecturer & CSE’s Associate Head of School (Education) K17 401G 55525
Mike Bain Senior Lecturer K17 401H 56935
Lina Yao Lecturer & ARC DECRA Fellow K17 401I 56556
Michael Thielscher Professor K17 401J 57129
William H. Wilson Associate Professor K17 405 56876
Fethi Rabhi Professor & Program Director - Software Engineering K17 406 54179
Boualem Benatallah Scientia Professor K17 407 54767
Eric Martin Senior Lecturer & Postgrad Coursework Academic Advisor K17 409 56936
John Shepherd Senior Lecturer & Education Committee Chair & Deputy Head of School (Education) K17 410 56494
Anastasia Levenkova PhD Student K17 412-01
Kiet Vo PhD Student K17 412-02
Jian Kang PhD Student K17 412-04 56852
Manna Elizabeth Philip PhD Student K17 412-05 56852
Gihan Samarasinghe Research Associate & PhD Student K17 412-06 56852
Upul Senanayake PhD Student K17 412-07 56906
Matt Gibson PhD Student K17 412-08
Astrid Dahl PhD Student K17 412-09
Manqing Dong PhD Student K17 412-10 56906
Arathy Satheesh Babu PhD Student K17 412-11 56906
Bo Zhao PhD Student K17 412-12 56906
Usama Salama PhD Student K17 412-13 56531
Muhammad Usman Riaz PhD Student K17 412-14 56531
Sandeepa Harshanganie Kannangara PhD Student K17 412-15
Michael Gotama Masters by Research K17 412-16 56532
Kaixuan Chen PhD Student K17 412-17 56532
John Calvo Martinez PhD Student K17 412-18 56532
Edwin Bonilla Senior Lecturer K17 412B 56255
Alan Blair Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Computer Science K17 412C 57131
Paul Compton Emeritus Professor K17 412D 56939
Arcot Sowmya Professor K17 412E 56933
Dimitrios Agiakatsikas PhD Student K17 501-01 54056
Amir Antonir PhD Student K17 501-02 54056
Osama Alkadi PhD Student K17 501-03 54056
Aarthi Natarajan Casual Academic K17 501-04 54056
Eamon Mansoor PhD Student K17 501-05 54056
Chao Ye PhD Student K17 501-06 54056
Yaoshu Wang PhD Student K17 501-07 57224
Sidra Malik PhD Student K17 501-08 57224
Raheleh Jahanbakhsh Masters by Research (currently on leave) K17 501-09 57224
Feng Zhang PhD Student K17 501-10 57224
Diyu Wu PhD Student K17 501-11 57224
Xiaokang Fan PhD Student K17 501-12 57224
Jie Liu PhD Student K17 501-13 57225
Jieyuan Zhang PhD Student K17 501-14 57225
Xuesong Su PhD Student K17 501-15 57225
Hua Yan PhD Student K17 501-16 57225
Tian Tan PhD Student K17 501-17 57225
Jingbo Lu PhD Student K17 501-18 57225
Yifei Zhang PhD Student K17 501-19 54941
Amos Robinson PhD Student K17 501-20 54941
Robert Clifton-Everest PhD Student K17 501-21 54941
Hui Huang PhD Student K17 501-22 54941
Arash Shaghaghi PhD Student K17 501-24 54941
Mosarrat Jahan PhD Student K17 501-25 55301
Tahmina Khanam PhD Student K17 501-26 55301
Zainab Abaid PhD Student K17 501-27 55301
Alexander Kroh PhD Student K17 501-28 55301
Chitra Javali PhD Student K17 501-29 55301
Girish Revadigar PhD Student K17 501-30 55301
Jun Young Kim PhD Student K17 501-31 55301
Chandrima Rahman PhD Student K17 501-32 55301
Chuka Oham PhD Student K17 501-33 55301
Chuanyao Nie PhD Student K17 501-34 57382
Umair Tariq PhD Student K17 501-36 57382
Nguyen Tran Huu Nguyen PhD Student K17 501-37 57382
Suhaimi Abd Ishak PhD Student K17 501-38 57382
Wael Alghamdi PhD Student K17 501-39 57382
Sanjay Jha Professor K17 501A 56471
Oliver Diessel Associate Professor K17 501B 57384
Ding Ye Research Associate K17 501C 55930
Yue Li Research Associate K17 501C 55930
Hui Wu Lecturer K17 501D 56572
Jorgen Peddersen Research Associate K17 501E 57229
Hui Annie Guo Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Computer Engineering K17 501F 57136
Stefan Rummele Research Associate K17 501G 56926
Tuo Li Research Associate K17 501H 57386
Gabriele Keller Associate Professor & Grievance Officer & CSE’s Equity and Diversity Coordinator K17 501I 56032
Peng Di Research Associate K17 501J 56588
Yulei Sui ARC DECRA Fellow K17 501K 57369
Jingling Xue Scientia Professor K17 501L 54889
Wenjie Zhang Senior Lecturer & CSE’s Associate Head of School (Research) K17 502 57799
Xuemin Lin Scientia Professor K17 503 56493
Aleksandar Ignjatovic Associate Professor K17 504 56659
Serge Gaspers Senior Lecturer & ARC Future Fellow K17 506 56934
Wei Wang Professor K17 507 57162
Daniel Murphy Casual Academic & Student K17 510-01
Ram Mohanty PhD Student K17 510-02
Vikkitharan Gnanasambandapillai PhD Student K17 510-03
Jayasinghe Arachchige Darshana Nayanajith Jayasinghe Research Associate & PhD Student K17 510-04
Hasindu Gamaarachchi PhD Student K17 510-05
Hassaan Saadat PhD Student K17 510-06
Arash Bayat PhD Student K17 510-07
Amin Malekpour PhD Student K17 510-08
Pasindu Aluthwala PhD Student K17 510-09
Martin Aleksandrov PhD Student K17 510-10 54869
Mehdi Nobakht PhD Student K17 510-12 54869
Kamran Najeebullah PhD Student K17 510-13 57205
Edward Jay Lee PhD Student K17 510-15 57205
Sajid Hussain PhD Student K17 510-16 57204
Yufei Wang Research Assistant K17 510-17 57204
Mubashir Hussain PhD Student K17 510-18 57204
Abdallah Saffidine ARC DECRA Fellow K17 510B 56496
Manuel Chakravarty Associate Professor K17 510C 54495
Sri Parameswaran Professor K17 510D 57223
Wen Hu Senior Lecturer K17 606 57679
Mahbub Hassan Professor K17 607 56198
Chun Tung Chou Associate Professor K17 608 57203
Jay Hannon Director of Industry Relations K17 611 0414229911
Salil Kanhere Associate Professor & Postgraduate Research and Scholarship Co-ordinator K17 612 56927
Phoebe Shand Student Administrative Officer K17 G03 54329
Andrew Vo Student Administrative Assistant K17 G03 54329
Grace Songsermmongkol Student Administrative Assistant K17 G03 54329
Julia Ciano Senior Administrative Officer K17 G03-02 54007
Cassandra Nock Head, CSE Student Services K17 G03B 54728
Colin Taylor Scholarships Officer K17 G04A-04 55147
Nina Rodgers Administrative Officer K17 G04B 56887
Maria Tzortzis Senior Information Officer K17 G05-01 54522
Tanya Sager Casual K17 G05-02
Nicola Kwan Research Liaison Officer K17 G05-03 56873
Haris Aziz Conjoint Senior Lecturer Data61 K17 L3
Nicholas Mattei Conjoint Lecturer Data61 K17 L3
Anna Lyons PhD Student K17 L3
Qian Ge PhD Student K17 L3
Brigitte Biscotto Admin Assistant Data61 K17 Level 3
Gernot Heiser Scientia Professor & John Lions Chair & ACM Fellow K17 Level 3 94905850
Paul Bannerman Lecturer Data61 Conjoint Level 5, 13 Garden st.,Eveleigh NSW 2015 93762169
Hiroshi Wada Lecturer Data61 Conjoint NICTA
Yao Shi Conjoint Lecturer Data61 NICTA
Imdad Ullah PhD Student NICTA
Valentin Christian Johannes Kaspa Mayer-Eichberger PhD Student NICTA
Dongyao Wu PhD Student NICTA
Ralph Holz Conjoint Lecturer Data61 NICTA
Callum James Bannister PhD Student NICTA
Liam John O'conner-Davis PhD Student NICTA
Sherif Sakr Senior Visiting Fellow NICTA, ATP
Rudino Salleh Research Officer R9, Govet St., Randwick,