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51 records found

Name Role Office Extension
Jude Angelo Ambrose Visiting Fellow external
Moshe Barukh Visiting Fellow external
Valentina Caforio Visitor Short-Term K17 212 56875
Xiongcai Cai Adjunct Senior Lecturer K17 217-10 58858
Fabio Casati Visiting Professor K17 212 56875
Muhammad Aamir Cheema Adjunct Lecturer external
Weisi Chen Visiting Research Associate external
Paul Compton Emeritus Professor K17 412D 56939
Florian Daniel Visiting Fellow external
Fionnbharr Davies Visiting Fellow external
Raveen Daminda De Silva Adjunct Associate Lecturer external
James Delgrande Professor
Christian Guttman Visiting Lecturer
Rachid Hamadi Visiting Fellow external
Achim Hoffmann Adjunct Associate Professor external
Brendan Hopper Adjunct Senior Lecturer external
Nitin Indurkhya Senior Visiting Fellow external
David Ross Jeffery Emeritus Professor external
Raja Jurdak Adjunct Associate Professor External
Gerhard Lakemeyer Visiting Professor external
Joao Leite Visiting Professor
Hector Levesque Professor
Chunguang Li Visiting Lecturer K17 217-07 58824
Ben Lippmeier Adjunct Lecturer external
Madhusanka Liyanage Visiting Fellow K17 614 57656
Ashesh Mahidadia Adjunct Lecturer external
Paul X. Mc Carthy Adjunct Professor External
Xiaoye Miao Visiting Research Associate K17 208 54334
Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad Visiting Fellow external
Albert Nymeyer Visiting Associate Professor
Nandan Parameswaran Adjunct Senior Lecturer external
Manas Patra Visiting Fellow external
Son Bao Pham Lecturer Visitor external
John Plaice Adjunct Associate Professor external
Lu Qin Adjunct Lecturer external
Ken Robinson Adjunct Associate Professor external
Malcolm Ryan Visiting Fellow external
Seung Hwan Ryu Adjunct Lecturer external
Sherif Sakr Senior Visiting Fellow NICTA, ATP
Torsten Schaub Professor Visitor external
Frank Stephan Professor Visitor K17 609 57679
Basem Suleiman Adjunct Lecturer external
Tommaso Urli
Srikumar Venugopal Adjunct Senior Lecturer external
Lorenzo Vigentini Adjunct Lecturer external
Ingo Weber Adjunct Lecturer external
Roland Wen Visiting Fellow external
Daniel Woo Adjunct Senior Lecturer External
Xiwei Xu Conjoint Lecturer & Thesis Assessor external
Ying Zhang Adjunct Senior Lecturer K17 201A 54897
Jiping Zheng Visiting Fellow K17 217-06 58825