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33 records found

Name Role Office Extension
Tresne Chesher Admin Assistant K17 111D
Julia Ciano Senior Administrative Officer & Acting Head of Student Services K17 G03B 54728
Brenda Ford Development Coordinator K17 105A 57383
Joanne Hale School Manager K17 104B 54539
Brad Hall Development Office Manager (currently on leave)
Jay Hannon Director of Industry Relations K17 611 0414229911
Nicola Kwan Research Liaison Officer K17 G05-06 56873
Ganghee Lee Post-Doc Fellow K17 217D 57738
Judy Lim Admin Assistant K17 104-02 56889
Weiwei Liu Research Associate K17 217H 54019
Craig Mckessar Casual
Cassandra Nock Head, CSE Student Services (currently on leave)
Seyed Mohammad Reza Nouri Research Associate K17 303 55628
Lana Novakovic Executive Assistant to Head of School K17 104-01 55518
Philip O'donnell Procurement and Assets Officer K17 111D-02 55138
Tanya Oshuiko Facilities Officer K17 111D-06 57744
Anna Piorkowska Administration Finance Officer K17 104-02 56889
Irena Poljsak Admin Assistant K17 111D
Fatima (Maria) Portada Administrative Officer K17 111D-03 56920
Emma Proud School Manager (currently on leave)
Nina Rodgers Administrative Officer K17 209 57132
Tanya Sager Casual
Samar Saliba Admin Assistant K17 111D
Rudino Salleh Research Officer 2A, Govet St., Randwick,
Helena Scimone Development Office Manager K17 105B 56625
Thomas Sewell Senior Desktop Engineer & PhD Student K17 301
Phoebe Shand Senior Administrative Officer K17 G05-05 54007
Grace Songsermmongkol Student Administrative Assistant K17 G05-03 54926
John Sun Research Assistant K17 201-29 57161
Tooba Syed Admin Assistant K17 G05-01 54329
Colin Taylor Scholarships Officer K17 G05-04 55147
Kerstin Vintila Student Administrative Officer (currently on leave)
Yufei Wang Research Assistant K17 510-17 57204