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76 records found

Name Role Office Extension
Mike Bain Senior Lecturer K17 401H 56935
Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti Senior Research Associate K17 217G 54034
Boualem Benatallah Scienta Professor K17 407 54767
Alan Blair Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Computer Science K17 412C 57131
Haseeb Bokhari Research Associate K17 501G 56926
Edwin Bonilla Senior Lecturer K17 412B 56255
Richard Buckland Professor K17 210 54063
Xin Cao Lecturer K17 201D 55317
Manuel Chakravarty Associate Professor K17 510C 54495
Lijun Chang ARC DECRA Fellow K17 201E 56012
Chun Tung Chou Associate Professor K17 608 57203
Peng Di Research Associate K17 501J 56588
Oliver Diessel Associate Professor K17 501B 57384
Kevin Elphinstone Associate Professor K17 301
Kai Engelhardt Senior Lecturer K17 217C 54497
Angela Finlayson Lecturer K17 201C 54025
Bruno Gaeta Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Bioinformatics K17 401C 57213
Serge Gaspers Senior Lecturer & ARC Future Fellow K17 506 56934
Lingkan Gong Post-Doc Fellow K17 217D 56934
Michael James Gratton Research Associate (currently on leave) J17 510J
Selena Griffith Senior Lecturer K17 106 56604
Hui Annie Guo Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Computer Engineering K17 501F 57136
Mahbub Hassan Professor K17 607 56198
Bradford Heap Research Associate K17 401D 56929
Gernot Heiser Scienta Professor & John Lions Chair K17 Level 3 83060550
Bernhard Hengst Senior Research Associate (Level B) J17 510K
Wen Hu Senior Lecturer K17 606 54183
Zengfeng Huang Research Fellow K17 217H 54019
Shenwei Huang Research Associate K17 217B 56553
Aleksandar Ignjatovic Associate Professor K17 504 56659
Sanjay Jha Professor K17 501A 56471
Salil Kanhere Associate Professor & Postgraduate Research and Scholarship Co-ordinator K17 612 56927
Gabriele Keller Associate Professor & Grievance Officer & CSE’s Equity and Diversity Coordinator K17 501I 56032
Alfred Krzywicki Research Fellow K17 401E 56993
Tuo Li Research Associate K17 501H 57386
Yue Li Research Associate K17 501C 55930
Xuemin Lin Scienta Professor K17 503 56493
Haojun Ma Research Associate K17 208 54334
Nadine Marcus Senior Lecturer K17 401B 55173
Eric Martin Senior Lecturer & Postgrad Coursework Academic Advisor K17 409 56936
Trevor Lee Mcdonell Research Associate K17 301
Carroll Morgan Professor K17 301
Daniel Murphy Casual Academic & Student K17 510-02
Maurice Pagnucco Professor & Head of School K17 104A 55518
Helen Hye-Young Paik UG Thesis Coordinator & Senior Lecturer K17 401A 54095
Sri Parameswaran Professor K17 510D 57223
Jorgen Peddersen Research Associate K17 501E 57229
Jianbin Qin Research Associate K17 217E 57738
Fethi Rabhi Professor & Program Director - Software Engineering K17 406 54179
David Rajaratnam Senior Research Associate J17 510 K
Carlos Rodriguez Senior Research Associate K17 216 54535
Abdallah Saffidine ARC DECRA Fellow K17 510B 56496
Claude Sammut Professor & Research Committee Chair & Deputy Head of School (Research) J17 510 A 56932
Christoph Schwering Research Associate J17 510J
John Shepherd Senior Lecturer & Education Committee Chair & Deputy Head of School (Education) K17 410 56494
Arcot Sowmya Professor K17 412E 56933
Yulei Sui Research Associate K17 501K 57369
Yifang Sun Research Associate K17 208 54334
Andrew Taylor Senior Lecturer & CSE’s Associate Head of School (Education) K17 401G 55525
Michael Thielscher Professor K17 401J 57129
Maria Tzortzis Senior Information Officer K17 G05-01 54522
Ron Van Der Meyden Professor K17 217F 56922
Toby Walsh Data61 Chair in Artificial Intelligence & Professor K17 311
Wei Wang Professor K17 507 57162
Yang Wang Research Associate K17 201-16 55539
Xianzhi Wang Research Associate K17 401-05 56909
Timothy Wiley Research Associate & Post-Doc Fellow & PhD Student J17 510L
William H. Wilson Associate Professor K17 405 56876
Wayne Wobcke Associate Professor K17 401F 56475
Raymond Wong Associate Professor K17 213 55932
Hui Wu Lecturer K17 501D 56572
Jingling Xue Professor K17 501L 54889
Lina Yao Lecturer & ARC DECRA Fellow K17 401I 56556
Pengjie Ye Research Associate K17 401-34 56914
Ding Ye Research Associate K17 501C 55930
Wenjie Zhang Senior Lecturer & CSE’s Associate Head of School (Research) K17 502 57799