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CSE Group: Service Oriented Computing

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(Phone: +61 2 938 + Extension)

Name Role Office Extension
George Eskander Ajam PhD Student K17 401-31 56913
Mortada Al-Banna PhD Student K17 401-29 56913
Islam Al-Qudah PhD Student K17 401-27 56913
Nada Alasbali PhD Student
Teuku Aulia Geumpana PhD Student K17 401-25 56913
Lei Bai PhD Student K17 412-16 56532
Madhushi Bandara PhD Student K17 401-17 56907
Ali Behnaz PhD Student J17 510-09
Boualem Benatallah Scientia Professor K17 407 54767
Weisi Chen Visiting Research Associate external
Kaixuan Chen PhD Student K17 412-17 56532
Manqing Dong PhD Student K17 412-10 56906
Richard Gow PhD Student external
Chaoran Huang PhD Student K17 401-03 56909
Yuchao Jiang PhD Student K17 401-05 56909
Elham Kariri PhD Student K17 401-32 56913
Khanh Duc Hoang Le PhD Student K17 401-28 56913
Anna Liu Associate Professor Data61 Conjoint ATP Australian Technology Park 93762184
Eamon Mansoor PhD Student K17 501-05 54056
Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad Visiting Fellow external
Xiaodong Ning PhD Student K17 401-19 56914
Helen Hye-Young Paik UG Thesis Coordinator & Senior Lecturer K17 401A 54095
Manjula Pilaka PhD Student
Fethi Rabhi Professor & Program Director - Software Engineering K17 406 54179
Carlos Rodriguez Senior Research Associate K17 216 54535
Seung Hwan Ryu Adjunct Lecturer external
Usama Salama PhD Student K17 412-13 56531
Suhrid Raj Satyal PhD Student ATP Australian Technology Park
Saman Shafigh PhD Student external
Srikumar Venugopal Adjunct Senior Lecturer external
Bozhi Wang PhD Student K17 401-34 56914
Ingo Weber Adjunct Lecturer external
Lina Yao Lecturer & ARC DECRA Fellow K17 401I 56556
Shayan Zamanirad PhD Student K17 201-06 56863
Xiang Zhang PhD Student K17 401-20 56914
Shuai Zhang PhD Student K17 401-26 56913
Dalin Zhang PhD Student K17 412-12 56906
Bo Zhao PhD Student (currently on leave)