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CSE Group: Embedded and Operating Systems

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(Phone: +61 2 938 + Extension)

Name Role Office Extension
Suhaimi Abd Ishak PhD Student K17 501-38 57382
Dimitrios Agiakatsikas PhD Student K17 501-01 54056
Wael Alghamdi PhD Student K17 501-39 57382
Osama Alkadi PhD Student K17 501-03 54056
Pasindu Aluthwala PhD Student
Jude Angelo Ambrose Visiting Fellow external
Arash Bayat PhD Student K17 510-07
Peter Chubb Senior Lecturer Data61 Conjoint K17 301 94905852
Oliver Diessel Associate Professor K17 501B 57384
Kevin Elphinstone Associate Professor K17 301
Hasindu Gamaarachchi PhD Student K17 510-05
Vikkitharan Gnanasambandapillai PhD Student K17 510-03
Lingkan Gong Post-Doc Fellow K17 217D 57738
Hui Annie Guo Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Computer Engineering K17 501F 57136
Mubashir Hussain PhD Student K17 510-18 57204
Sajid Hussain PhD Student K17 510-16 57204
Jayasinghe Arachchige Darshana Nayanajith Jayasinghe Research Associate & PhD Student K17 510-04
Alexander Kroh PhD Student K17 501-28 55301
Tuo Li Research Associate K17 501H 57386
Amin Malekpour PhD Student K17 510-08
Ram Mohanty PhD Student K17 510-02
Muhammad Kashif Naveed PhD Student external
Nguyen Tran Huu Nguyen PhD Student K17 501-37 57382
Chuanyao Nie PhD Student K17 501-34 57382
Sri Parameswaran Professor K17 510D 57223
Jorgen Peddersen Research Associate K17 501E 57229
Chandrima Rahman PhD Student K17 501-32 55301
Hassaan Saadat PhD Student K17 510-06
Babak Saghaie PhD Student (currently on leave)
Yanyan Shen PhD Student
Xuesong Su PhD Student K17 501-15 57225
Umair Tariq PhD Student K17 501-36 57382
Hui Wu Lecturer K17 501D 56572