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Conference Audio-Visual Equipment Unit
UNSW Asset
HoS Commitee Room
15 Max Silent Yes Yes Room only available to book by authorised users
CSE Seminar Room
100 Max Upon Request Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lectern, DVD, VCR
Meeting Room Level 2
18 Max Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consultation Room 203
4-6 x54756 Yes Yes
Consultation Room 204
4-6 x56872 Yes Yes
Meeting Room Level 3
15 Max CISCO MX700 Video Conferencing Yes Room only available to book by authorised users. Contact HoS Office.
Meeting Room Level 4
18 Max x57801 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consultation Room 402
4-6 x57217 Yes Yes
Consultation Room 403
4-6 x57218 Yes Yes
Meeting Room Level 5
18 Max x57202 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consultation Room 508
4-6 x57206 Yes Yes
Consultation Room G01
4-6 x54751 Yes Yes
Consultation Room G02
4-6 x54753 Yes Yes


Please email sio@cse.unsw.edu.au if you require assistance with your room booking (quoting your booking id number if available)