Research Areas

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Research Area Staff
Adaptive E-learning Nadine Marcus
Advanced Internet Technologies Raymond Wong
Agent-Based Modelling Wayne Wobcke
Algorithm and Complexity Xuemin Lin
Haris Aziz
Algorithms and Complexity Serge Gaspers
Algorithms for Embedded Systems Aleksandar Ignjatovic
Application of Logic Programming Andrew Taylor
Applications of Category Theory to Cognitive Modelling William H. Wilson
Applications of Mathematical Logic to Computational Complexity Aleksandar Ignjatovic
Artificial Intelligence Paul Compton
Achim Hoffmann
Ashesh Mahidadia
Claude Sammut
Toby Walsh
Michael Thielscher
Abdallah Saffidine
Bradford Heap
ASIP Design Hui Annie Guo
Tuo Li
Bayesian Inference Edwin Bonilla
Behavioural Cloning Mike Bain
Bioinformatics Mike Bain
Bruno Gaeta
Ashesh Mahidadia
Bioinformatics of Gene Regulation Bruno Gaeta
Blockchain Xiwei Xu
Boolean Satisfiability Serge Gaspers
Business Process Management Carlos Rodriguez
Business Workflow Evolution Ingo Weber
Cloud Computing Anna Liu
Srikumar Venugopal
Sherif Sakr
Liming Zhu
Xiwei Xu
Cloud services orchestration Boualem Benatallah
Cognitive Load Theory Nadine Marcus
Cognitive Modelling William H. Wilson
Cognitive Robotics Michael Thielscher
Cognitive Services Boualem Benatallah
Compilation Albert Nymeyer
Compiler Techniques for Embedded Systems Jingling Xue
Compiler Technology Andrew Taylor
Compilers Jingling Xue
Computational Algebra Richard Buckland
Computational Geometry Xuemin Lin
Computational Immunogenetics Bruno Gaeta
Computational Social Choice Serge Gaspers
Computer Architecture Kevin Elphinstone
Tuo Li
Computer Telephony Daniel Woo
Computer Vision Arcot Sowmya
Xiongcai Cai
Changming Sun
Computers and Biology Andrew Taylor
Concept Analysis Mike Bain
Concurrency Carroll Morgan
Rob Van Glabbeek
Concurrent Real-Time and Distributed Systems Arcot Sowmya
Constraint Satisfaction Serge Gaspers
Conversational Agents Claude Sammut
Cost Modelling, Software Inspections, Software Process Improvement David Ross Jeffery
Mark Staples
Crowd sourcing (processes management, quality control, people management) Carlos Rodriguez
Crowdsourcing and curation for education and research Boualem Benatallah
Cryptography Richard Buckland
Data Curation Boualem Benatallah
Data Generation for Relational Schemas John Shepherd
Data Mining Ashesh Mahidadia
Wei Wang
Nitin Indurkhya
Xiongcai Cai
Muhammad Aamir Cheema
Lina Yao
Data Mining (Text/Stream Mining) Wayne Wobcke
Data Mining, Graph Visualization Xuemin Lin
Data Science Fethi Rabhi
Data Science Wayne Wobcke
Edwin Bonilla
Data-Intensive Distributed Computing Srikumar Venugopal
Sherif Sakr
Database Query Processing John Shepherd
Raymond Wong
Muhammad Aamir Cheema
Sherif Sakr
Dependability Gernot Heiser
Xiwei Xu
Tuo Li
Dependable Systems Liming Zhu
DevOps Liming Zhu
Distributed Computing Richard Buckland
Kai Engelhardt
Liming Zhu
Distributed Database Systems Xuemin Lin
Sherif Sakr
Distributed Software Engineering Anna Liu
Elastic Computing Srikumar Venugopal
Embedded Systems Hui Annie Guo
Gernot Heiser
End user Data Analytics Boualem Benatallah
Epistemic and Temporal Logics in Computer Science Kai Engelhardt
Evolutionary Computation Alan Blair
Expert Systems Achim Hoffmann
Finance Applications Fethi Rabhi
Formal Learning Theory Eric Martin
Formal Methods Richard Buckland
Albert Nymeyer
Ken Robinson
Mark Staples
Gerwin Klein
Ron Van Der Meyden
Formal Methods for Program Reasoning and Verification Mark Staples
Gerwin Klein
Formal Specification and Refinement Carroll Morgan
Mark Staples
Gerwin Klein
Functional Programming Ken Robinson
Gerwin Klein
Graph Theory Serge Gaspers
Hardware Software Co-Design Tuo Li
High-dimensional Indexing Wei Wang
High-Performance Computing Gabriele Keller
Human Activity Recognition Lina Yao
Human Computer Interaction Nadine Marcus
Daniel Woo
Human Robot Interaction Nadine Marcus
Image/video processing, analysis and understanding Changming Sun
Image/video search and mining Xiongcai Cai
Inductive Logic Programming Mike Bain
Information Extraction John Shepherd
Nitin Indurkhya
Information Privacy Salil Kanhere
Information Retrieval/Filtering John Shepherd
Xiongcai Cai
Raymond Wong
Intelligent Agent Theory Wayne Wobcke
Intelligent Agents Michael Thielscher
Intelligent Assistants Wayne Wobcke
Intensional Programming John Plaice
Internet of Things Lina Yao
Keyword Search Wei Wang
Knowledge Acquisition Paul Compton
Achim Hoffmann
Ashesh Mahidadia
Andrew Taylor
Xiongcai Cai
Knowledge Based Systems Paul Compton
Knowledge Discovery Ashesh Mahidadia
Nitin Indurkhya
Knowledge Graph Wei Wang
Knowledge Representation Andrew Taylor
Michael Thielscher
Knowledge-Based Image Understanding Claude Sammut
Knowledge-Based Systems Achim Hoffmann
Languages Ken Robinson
Large-scale Probabilistic Inference Edwin Bonilla
Learning Algorithms Achim Hoffmann
Learning in Vision Arcot Sowmya
Xiongcai Cai
Location Based Technologies Daniel Woo
Logic in Computer Science Ron Van Der Meyden
Gerwin Klein
Logic of Knowledge and Belief Ron Van Der Meyden
Logic Programming Eric Martin
Claude Sammut
Andrew Taylor
Michael Thielscher
Logical foundations of AI Eric Martin
Logical Paradigms of Inductive Inference Eric Martin
Low Power Design Hui Annie Guo
Machine Learning Mike Bain
Alan Blair
Xiongcai Cai
Ashesh Mahidadia
Claude Sammut
Nitin Indurkhya
Edwin Bonilla
Medical Image Interpretation Arcot Sowmya
Memory Management Peter Chubb
Microkernels Kevin Elphinstone
Gernot Heiser
Mobile Broadband Mahbub Hassan
Mobile Computing Daniel Woo
Mahbub Hassan
Raymond Wong
Mobile Internet Mahbub Hassan
Mobile Media Streaming Mahbub Hassan
Mobile Networks Salil Kanhere
Mahbub Hassan
Mobile Networks Sanjay Jha
Model Based Reasoning Paul Compton
Modelling of Human Cognition Nadine Marcus
Molecular communication Chun Tung Chou
Multicore Systems Gernot Heiser
Multilingual Typography John Plaice
Multimedia Databases John Shepherd
Multiserver Systems Kevin Elphinstone
Multiversion Web Sites John Plaice
Nano scale communication networks Chun Tung Chou
Natural Language Processing Nitin Indurkhya
Natural Language Processing Wei Wang
Network Security Salil Kanhere
Network Security Sanjay Jha
Neural Networks Alan Blair
Nonmonotonic Reasoning Michael Thielscher
Abdallah Saffidine
Nonparametric Bayesian Methods Edwin Bonilla
On-line Learning Systems John Shepherd
Operating Systems Peter Chubb
Kevin Elphinstone
Gernot Heiser
Gerwin Klein
Parallel and Distributed Computing Hui Wu
Fethi Rabhi
Parallel and Distributed Computing Jingling Xue
Parallelism John Plaice
Parameterized Complexity Serge Gaspers
Parsing and Translation Ken Robinson
Participatory Sensing Salil Kanhere
Pattern Recognition Changming Sun
Pervasive Computing Salil Kanhere
Pervasive computing and networking Chun Tung Chou
Philosophical Foundations of AI Achim Hoffmann
Planning Ingo Weber
Abdallah Saffidine
Power Management Gernot Heiser
Probabilistic Refinement Carroll Morgan
Probabistic Models, Reasoning Under Uncertainty Ron Van Der Meyden
Edwin Bonilla
Process discovery Boualem Benatallah
Process Mining Carlos Rodriguez
Program Analysis Andrew Taylor
Jingling Xue
Program Analysis Yulei Sui
Program Transformation Gabriele Keller
Programming Languages Gabriele Keller
John Plaice
Jingling Xue
Yulei Sui
Programming Languages and Implementation Ken Robinson
quality control in crowd sourcing Boualem Benatallah
Reactive Systems John Plaice
Real-Time Embedded Systems Hui Wu
Real-Time Systems Gernot Heiser
Recommender Systems Bradford Heap
Recommender Systems Wayne Wobcke
Reconfigurable Architectures: models, devices Oliver Diessel
Reconfigurable Computing: applications, algorithms, circuits Oliver Diessel
Reconfigurable Systems: design flows, tools, run-time environments Oliver Diessel
Resource Management Peter Chubb
Reuse Techniques in VLSI/SoC Arcot Sowmya
Rigorous Methods for Program Construction Kai Engelhardt
Mark Staples
Robotics Alan Blair
Claude Sammut
Bradford Heap
Robotics Research and Development with the Centre for Autonomous Systems Bernhard Hengst
Satellite and Aerial Image Interpretation Arcot Sowmya
Scheduling Peter Chubb
Security Gernot Heiser
Security Engineering Richard Buckland
Semantic Data Modelling Fethi Rabhi
Semantics and Type Systems of Programming Languages Gerwin Klein
Services Engineering Anna Liu
Srikumar Venugopal
Ingo Weber
Fethi Rabhi
Services Oriented Computing Ingo Weber
Carlos Rodriguez
Signal Recognition Andrew Taylor
Signal Representation and Processing Aleksandar Ignjatovic
Similarity Query Processing Wei Wang
Software Architectures Anna Liu
Liming Zhu
Software Components: Systems & Application Design Mark Staples
Software Configuration John Plaice
Mark Staples
Software Defined Networks Sanjay Jha
Software Engineering Albert Nymeyer
John Plaice
Ken Robinson
Mark Staples
Fethi Rabhi
Yulei Sui
Xiwei Xu
Software Experience Factory David Ross Jeffery
Software Metrics, Software Design David Ross Jeffery
Software Process Modelling David Ross Jeffery
Mark Staples
Software Quality, Software Development, Cost Estimation David Ross Jeffery
Software Security Analysis Jingling Xue
Spatial Database Systems Xuemin Lin
Muhammad Aamir Cheema
Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Muhammad Aamir Cheema
Specification and Refinement Ken Robinson
Mark Staples
Speech Applications Daniel Woo
Stereo Vision Changming Sun
System Level Pipelining Hui Annie Guo
Teaching and Learning Richard Buckland
Temporal Logic Ron Van Der Meyden
Abdallah Saffidine
Theory of Computer Security Ron Van Der Meyden
Kai Engelhardt
Theory of Distributed Systems Ron Van Der Meyden
Theory of Neural Networks Achim Hoffmann
Trustworthy Systems Gernot Heiser
Unix and other Operating System Scalability Peter Chubb
User interface design and evaluation Daniel Woo
Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Mahbub Hassan
Vehicular Internet Access Mahbub Hassan
Vehicular Wireless Communications Mahbub Hassan
Version Control John Plaice
Mark Staples
Versioned Software Engineering John Plaice
Mark Staples
Virtualization Gernot Heiser
Web Operating Systems John Plaice
Web Searching John Shepherd
Raymond Wong
Xiongcai Cai
Web Services and Business Process Modelling Mark Staples
Ingo Weber
Liming Zhu
Web Services and Data Integration Mark Staples
Lina Yao
Web services composition Boualem Benatallah
Web System Architecture John Shepherd
Mark Staples
Liming Zhu
Wireless Security Sanjay Jha
Wireless Sensor Networks Sanjay Jha
Salil Kanhere
Hui Wu
Workflow Management Systems Mark Staples
XML and Semi-Structured Data Wei Wang
Raymond Wong
Sherif Sakr