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Item Title Item Price Sold Date Posted
Programming, Problem Solving and Abstraction with C (1st ed.). $20 - $30 No 01/03/2016
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java $10 No 01/03/2016
The B-Method: An Introduction - Steve Schneider 20 No 28/02/2014
Preece, Rogers & Sharp (2011), 3nd ed. Interaction Design: Beyond Human Computer Interaction, John Wiley 50 No 19/11/2013
COMP9331 Textbook: Computer Networking A Top down approach 5th edition 45$ No 08/04/2013
GSOE9820 - Project Management Text Book $30 No 04/03/2013
Systems Analysis and Design Eighth Edition - Shelly, Rosenblatt 65 No 04/03/2013
Workflow Modeling - Alec Sharp and Patrick McDermott $65 No 04/03/2013
Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists - Devore/Farnum $60 (total) No 04/03/2013
Preece, Rogers & Sharp (2011), 3nd ed. Interaction Design: Beyond Human Computer Interaction, John Wiley 100 No 04/03/2013
Project Management A Managerial Process 5th Edition - GSOE9820 90 No 03/08/2012
COMP9331 Textbook : Computer Networking - A Top-Down Approach Fifth Edition 65 No 24/07/2012
Project Management The Managerial Process (GSOE9820 TB) 68 No 20/07/2012
Prolog - Programming for Artificial Intelligence, Third Edition, Ivan Bratko 39 No 13/07/2012
Textbook for COMP9311/COMP3311 Database Systems 85 No 13/07/2012
INFS1602 textbook: Information Systems: Enabling Business in a Digital World 2012 Edittion 80$ No 11/07/2012
Discrete Mathematics, 5th ed., Kenneth A. Ross, Charles R.B. Wright 50 No 08/03/2012
Computer Networking - A top down approach, 4th ed., James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross 50 No 08/03/2012
Microcontrollers and Microcomputers - principles of software and hardware engineering, Fredrick M. Cady 40 No 08/03/2012
Foundations of Computer Science - C Edition, Alfred V. Aho, Jeffrey D. Ullman 70 No 08/03/2012
Modern Operating Systems, 2nd Ed. Andrew S. Tanenbaum 20 No 08/03/2012
Fundamentals of Database Systems, 5th ed., Elmasri 50 No 08/03/2012
Data Structures & Algrithms in Java, 4th ed. Michael T. Godrich 50 No 08/03/2012
Thinking in Java, Bruce Eckel, 4th edition 40 No 21/02/2012
Java Network Programming (3) -- for COMP3331/9331 35 No 21/02/2012
Unix Network Programming Volume 1 (3) for COMP3331/9331 45 No 21/02/2012
C++ Primer, Stanley B.Lippman, 4th edition 40 No 21/02/2012
Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists with solution manual $50 No 02/12/2011
Modern Operating Systems $50 No 02/12/2011
Computer Organization And Design $50 No 02/12/2011
COMP9024 Data Structures & Algorithms in Java 5th edition (Updated 2012_Mar_01) 70 No 27/11/2011
COMP3211/COMP9211 Textbook 2 No 03/10/2011
COMP 3711: Information Technology Project Management 6E $80 No 18/06/2011
COMP2121: Microcontrollers and Microcomputers $50 No 18/06/2011
Algorithms In C Parts 1-4 and 5 $60 No 16/03/2011
Microelectronic Circuits $70 No 16/03/2011
Introduction to Electric Circuits $70 No 16/03/2011
Calculus - One and Several Variables $60 No 16/03/2011
Contemporary Logic Design $75 No 16/03/2011
Fundamentals of Complex Analysis $50 No 16/03/2011
COMP2024 DATA structure and algorithms textbook $80 No 06/03/2011
COMP9021 TEXTBOOK 50 No 06/03/2011
No 06/12/2010


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