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Title lots of board games for sale
Description lots of board games for sale. Boardgame group has disbanded so Ive decided to sell my board games, these are all about 1-1.5 year old but most is like new/excellent condition, some havent even been played. Axis and Allies - $50 - like new, played once, everything organised in clear plastic tackle boxes inside. Frag and frag deadlands set - $20 - ok condition, bought it from a friend a while ago. Mr Jack - $30 - like new, played it a couple of times. very good 2 player game for teens and couples. Battue - $30 - like new, never played. Taj Mahal - $40 - like new, never played. Torres - $40 - like new, never played, very rare. Puerto Rico - $40 - like new, played a couple of times, wooden counters have been replaced by superior stone beeds, considered one of the best board games according to http://boardgamegeek.com/ Alien fronters - $50 - like new, never played, very first print/edition comes with rocket tokens that were only available by preorder. Nexus - $50 - like new, played a couple of times. Notre Dame - $40 - like new, never played. Alhambra big box - $70 - like new, played once. Pickup from Marsfield 2122, city or UNSW
Category Other
Price 20-70
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Contact Name - Email Charles: chan415
Contact Details the_real_pumbaa@hotmail.com 0466 966 678
Posted On 28/11/2011