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Title 20 IPG paintball tickets for only $40---lowest price
Description Hi, I have 20 IPG paintball tickets for only $40. (worth $800, $40 per ticket if purchase online). Please check www.ipgau.com.au for more details. Tickets are valid before 23 Feb 2012, and you can choose from more than 20 ipg paintball feilds across Australia. The tickets include: admission to IPG paintball centres free equipment: full body armour, mask, semi-automatic gun (some paintball centres offer free luch, you can check the conditons on ipgau website, http://www.ipgau.com.au/locations.html) send me email or call me if you are interested.
Category Other
Price $40
To View Item Go To http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/c-ViewAdLargeImage?AdId=262659311&back=-1&ImageIndex=1
Contact Name - Email Qing: qingwan
Contact Details juveseason@gmail.com 0430890603
Posted On 17/03/2011