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Code Camp
Teach Kids to Code at Code Camp - Head/Assistant Teacher

Position Description:

Code Camp - Teaching Assistants and Head Teachers

Code Camp is a startup looking to make a hugely positive impact on the kids of Australia. We are looking for lots of fun and energetic casual staff to assist at our holiday camps.

This role would suit an energetic, passionate personality. Individuals who are motivated to see the the new digital technologies curriculum implemented in the most awesome way possible would be a perfect fit for our team.
Please apply if you want to inspire a new generation of amazing coders.

What we do:
Code Camp is a company that offers school holiday and after school coding classes to kids.
We host a number of 2 to 4 day day-camps in across Australia. Last holidays we taught over 2000 students how to make their own app and employed lots of casuals to help them do this.

The Code Camp Story
Code Camp is one of Australia’s fastest growing social impact businesses, inspiring and empowering tens of thousands of Australian school students with the skills of tomorrow.

Code Camp began in 2014 with tech entrepreneurs Benjamin Levi and Pete Neill, who were soon joined by Hayley Markham and Dan Zwolenski. This small team has now grown in a nationally recognised business which employs more than 36 full time and 1,000 casual staff, and has inspired and taught more than 22,000 Australian school students to design and code iPhone apps, online games, digital worlds, and websites during their school holidays.

Today, Code Camp are also in the in-school business, inspiring teachers and co-facilitating in the classroom - providing teachers with the resources and tools to teach the new digital curriculum to primary and secondary students.

Our Message
Co-founder and Co-CEO Pete Neill, says, “We’re on a mission to inspire future creators; we want to show students they can create anything they can imagine. We aim to show kids that technology creates a life full of excitement, exploration and discovery”.

Are you?
- An IT/Computer Science student
- Teaching students or new grads looking to expand their skills in STEM subjects
- Interested in and/or have experience in Coding and IT
- An experienced coder looking to apply your skills in the education industry
If any (or all) of this applies to you, then get in touch with us now!

The Roles:
- Head Teacher
- Deliver our lesson plan to a class of ~25 students
- Responsible for keeping the class on track
- Provide direction to assistants

- Provides one on one help to individual students during class
- Any student falling behind will need you to guide them in the right direction
- Keep an eye out for any misbehaviour or disruption

Required Skills
Whilst we don’t require a specific qualification, candidates should have some the following experience (or similar)
- Enjoy working with kids and have a bubbly and enthusiastic can do attitude.
- A background in IT/Coding or Teaching is necessary
- Mature outlook and common sense
- Work well in a team environment
- Be able to take initiative when working unsupervised

The coding that is taught at Code Camp is relatively basic (for most kids this will be their first time learning to code, so an in depth knowledge is not necessary). We will ask all successful applicants to take an hour or two to familiarise themselves with the coding that will be taught throughout the camp.

If you are available and have at least 4 consecutive week days available during the following weeks 18th Sep - 6th Oct (weekdays, NSW school holidays) we would love to hear from you.

To apply, please send a short email introducing yourself, and your resume to ella@codecamp.com.au

Position Type: Undergraduate-Students : Postgraduate-Students : Alumni

Selection Criteria:

Salary: $150-$215 per day plus super ($25-$36 per hour)

Closing Date: 05/10/2017

Category: Vacation-Work : OneOff/Casual


Applicant must be a Permanent Resident:

Attach copy of Academic Transcript:
(Note: Forging an Academic Transcript is a case of Academic Misconduct and may lead to expulsion.)

Enquiries To:

Applications To:
Ella Milech

Location: Sydney - various school venues

Date first posted: 5/09/2017 1:06:25 PM